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A balanced athlete is a happy athlete. Be the best you on race day!


I coach because I love to teach

I love to teach because I believe in paying it forward. The adventures and races I’ve embarked on, the coaches and experiences that have taught me such wisdom need to be passed on to further athletes. I want to share what I have learned through a healthy combination of structure, specificity, and adventure.

My Approach
Mission & Vision

My approach to coaching

Communication and personalization are the key factors to my approach. I find out who you are, where you’ve been, what you want, and what you need–then we go from there. I deliver consistent, specific training regimes that incorporate a diverse array of activities with regular, strength workouts.

We are athletes because our bodies need this action! We need adventure, health, and fitness to be happy. All of our lives will have stressful moments and phases–we must ensure that our sport does not add any more stress to our lives.

To maximize our training, we must be present and intentional all of our workouts. This sport is our time to be mindful, to show self-care, and to be happy. We savor every moment of it by minimizing external stimulations and distractions.

Coaching Services

BasicReach Your Fitness Goals

$ 80

Per Month
  • Monthly training plans geared towards your fitness goals (delivered every month)
  • Weekly plan adjustments up to 1 workout per week, based on previous week’s response to training and conversations.
  • Replies to texts, emails within 7 days
  • One call/video call/meet-up per month (30min)

LITEDelivered Weekly

$ 110

Per Month
  • Bi-monthly training plans geared towards your season’s races (delivered every two weeks)
  • Weekly plan adjustments up to 2 workouts per week, based on previous week’s response to training  and conversations.
  • Replies to texts, emails within 7 days
  • One call/video call/meet-up per month (30min)

PREMIUMDelivered Weekly

$ 160

Per Month
  • Weekly training plans geared towards your season’s races
  • Unlimited plan adjustments with 24 hour notice
  • Replies to texts, emails within 24 hours
  • Two calls/video calls/meet-ups per month (2x30min)


One-on-One Consulting

$30/30 minutes

Schedule a call, video call, or in-person meet-up, with follow-up email, including key takeaways from conversation

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Indoor Cycling Classes

FTP Testing

With a warm up protocol, ideal testing conditions, and a motivational coach at your side, we’ll determine your Functional Threshold Power through a 45-minute workout.

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Guided Group Workouts

Checkout the Indoor Cycling Classes and Boot Camps at Aloha Sports Kona.

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Here what people are saying

Bree Wee ASK Cycle Studio Athlete

“If it weren’t for Coach Wild at ASK Cycle Studio, I “wouldn’t have ridden at all before Lavaman. Having lost a friend earlier in the year and another nearly lose her life, I’m no longer the happy girl riding along the highway I once was. Wild and the crew I was fortunate enough to spin with, were highly entertaining, it was a party on two wheels and I felt safe.”

Tania LeslieParent of Ragan and Bronson Leslie

“Coach Wild is a a passionate teacher in the classroom and a passionate athlete/coach in the water and on the roads.This passion of his has positively influence two of our sons that have had the privilege to work with him.
Coach Wild’s mentoring of our sons not only gave them a physical edge, they grew in confidence and developed a mental age as well. We are truly grateful!”

Bob RanfranzASK Cycle Studio Athlete

“The only bike training I did was with Live Wild Coaching at ASK Cycle Studio, so a year older and I got 6 minutes faster on the bike at Lavaman. I PRed this year! That was with only five sessions with Coach Wild. I can't wait to see the improvements after an entire year of workouts with him!

Jennifer NottageASK Cycle Studio Athlete

“Coach David Wild; is more than 100% invested in each individual’s personal goals. He is a seriously diamond-level asset, right here in our community. Lucky for me or anyone who wishes to improve their fitness or take it to the next level and discover their thresholds and proper training zones; it’s all right here with Coach Wild!”

Ragan LeslieFormer Student & Konawaena HS Tri Club Athlete

“I would not be the athlete or person I am today without David Wild. From the day I met him, he showed me what it was to live a little wild. He guided me through much of my marathons, giving me great advice and lots of suggestions about everything from running form to nutrition. He cares about the people he coaches and will always go out of his way to give a helping hand.”

Sara Bloom Live Wild Athlete

“Wildman has crafted a detailed training plan for me that helps keep me focused and motivated. He listens to the needs of the athlete and crafts a unique training plan for each of his clients. For me, Coach Wild intertwined yoga in my planning plan which for me is important because I NEED my yoga time still. He is incredibly dedicated to the sport and to his clients. Inspiring to see his growth as a coach and athlete as well.”

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